Wild & Free, Naturally!


Welcome moms and moms-to be! 

Are you longing for the freedom and wildness that came so naturally to you before you became a mom?

If so, then you've come to the right place!


With all of the roles that women play today—mother, partner, sister, daughter, caretaker, nurturer, entrepreneur—it's no wonder that our flow gets disrupted and life can feel chaotic and unwieldy.

But there is an can Live Your Wild and Find Your Free!

When you discover your own voice and power, deal with your crap, and move forward with courage, then your life will resonate with energy, motivation, and purpose.

With this as your foundation, you can build a life for yourself and your family that serves the community and brings a newfound sense of abundance, adventure and freedom. 

Will you join me on this adventure into discovering your Wildness?

Maybe you are confused about all of the natural alternatives and you ask yourself, what's even safe for my kid? Join the wait list for the Kids Oil Project- Because you can never have too many tools in your Mom Tool Box!

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