Cre'shea doesn’t need to find her “wild”—she lives it, every day of her life. Her unique story of survival and embodiment truly defines wild as flow—facing life and it’s challenges head on, raw and real.

Cre'shea lives her truth, standing strong with women in the throes of childbirth, and offers a toolbox filled with the wisdom of a woman living her truth. No stories, no boxes, no BS.

Welcome to Mothering Wild. 

"After the traumatic birth of my first son, I found myself needing additional support for my body and mind to rebound—I just wasn't feeling like myself.

So I searched for a solution, and that's when I realized that essential oils were POWERFUL—not just as a tool for me, but for my whole family's health and wellness, too.

I began to use them to support me through my postpartum funk, and when I was on the other side looking back, I realized that my passion and purpose was to support other moms as a birth worker—and to provide the gifts of essential oils to them, too.

My mission is to provide non-biased and non-judgmental support for moms and families, and to create a safe space that honors each families needs during the birth process. 

I look forward to connecting with and supporting you!" ~Shea