What's Better than CBD? Comparing CBD + Copaiba

What's Better than CBD? Comparing CBD + Copaiba

CBD has had a major presence in the pain and inflammation game over the last few years. Understandably so, but what a lot of people struggle with is, “What the heck is CBD? Will it work?”

Rosemary Oil + How to Energize your household

Rosemary Oil + How to Energize your household

Anything that gives me more energy as a mom of three gives me hope y’all! All kinds of hope. As we started back to school this week, the level of tired my household has achieved is at a zombie status.

I know it shall pass…..I think……(snoreeee)……(reheats coffee). I keep cranking up that song by Lizzo, called Truth Hurts. Because the truth is, it’s painful to wake up early you guys!!

The 5 Silliest Kids Books Every Parent should Read

My biggest fear while pregnant was that my kids would hate to read! I’m dead serious y’all. I would cry randomly, “Honey, what if our kids hate to read?!” Through tears, I was begging my husband to call me crazy, because in all honesty I was afraid they’d hate to read. He’d kindly tell me, “Of course they will love to read, don’t worry”

I trusted that he was right with his reassuring manner. In hindsight I don’t know why I was so worried they’d hate reading, perhaps it’s not terrible if reading isn’t your thing. But dang it all to heck if my kids didn’t like to read. To my incredibly non-hormonal surprise they all really LOVE to read or be read to. My ego gets a little big when my oldest checks out stacks of books, and then occupies himself with those books. I am excited for the journeys they are going on with the characters and the information their little brains get to absorb. It seems silly for me to be so excited about such a thing, but reading is so powerful and fun.

That is why I thought it was so NECESSARY for me to share with you the 5 Silliest Books we have ever read to our kids. Like, we laugh out loud along with the kids silly. Warning, corny sentiment ahead——Nothing warms my mom heart more than hearing my kids giggle uncontrollably with their red cheeks, and arms holding their tummies while they beg to read it, “AGAIN DAD!!”

What is the funniest kids book you’ve ever read to your kids??

What is the funniest kids book you’ve ever read to your kids??

In no particular order, I give to you the 5 Silliest Kids Books Every Parent Should Read:

  1. The Book with No Pictures by BJ Novak. I know, I know. This book hits all of the top kid books lists. But hear me out. The Book with No Pictures hits all of my qualifications for a kids book to be silly. It’s interactive. It proves you don’t need pretty artwork to get someones attention. Well, then there’s the fact that we are obsessed with The Office and we aren’t afraid to laugh at BJ’s work. Read this only if you are unabashedly willing to make a fool of yourself.

  2. The Pigeon Needs a Bath. by Mo Willems. Ok, listen up moms and dads. If you don’t own a single book by Mo Willems, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. Hands down, any of the Pigeon or Piggy books will make you and your kids laugh. Nothing lightens the mood more than a pigeon that negotiates his way out of a bath….the same way your small child would. In fact, Pigeon insists his bath a month ago is sufficient. If Willems is implying our kids are like dirty pigeons, he might be a tad bit correct.

  3. Thelma the Unicorn. by Aaron Blabey. Thelma dreams of becoming a unicorn, because who wouldn’t if given the chance? She becomes that razzle-dazzle sparkly unicorn. Insert a moment where Thelma converts a carrot into a sparkly unicorn horn and all the world begins to adore her. This book has wonderful moments of learning to love oneself, intertwined with Unicorn shopping high jinks! Blabey uses his illustrations to show the audacity of a tiny horse becoming a unicorn.

  4. Dragons Love Tacos. by Adam Rubin. Every little kid loves a good dragon story am I right? But what happens when you mix a good dragon story with something like a love for tacos?? Pure and utter silliness. Envision various dragons eating all kinds of tacos. Strange sure, but if you ever wanted to see a dragon blow smoke and fire from their noses be careful that you don’t feed them salsa in those tacos. Kids will laugh and totally relate to not enjoying spicy foods in this modern day tale of fun food and medieval dragon lore.

  5. Chicken Cheeks. by Michael Ian Black. Picture a bear on a hunt to get honey. Poor bear can’t reach that honey…..so what is a bear to do? Well like any good bear, he rounds all of his animal friends up to build a tower of animals to get to that honey. Can you name a child that won’t giggle at the word BUTT? I didn’t think so. This book very simply names every animals backside in a the silliest of ways, with simple words and rhyming. How about a “duckbill platypus, glutemus maximus” sound to your kiddos ears??

I would love to hear what your favorite kids books are? Drop them in the comment box below, I would love to add to my list for my kids!

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The Best + Only Subscription Box You'll ever Need!

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Why Every Mom Needs Lemon Oil


But why do I need essential oils?

And then I show them pictures like this and say-
Seriously, do you see these crusty ole feet and hands? 

Do you see my child’s face smeared with rich, dark mud?
This kid used to have 2 baths a day for weeks at time. Thanks spring for the mud in my backyard! 
Because Lemon essential oil is necessary to clean up all the disgustingness that is kids.
Boogers -Check! 
Sap- Check! 
Bad Attitudes- Meh, use another oil...

(And if you dunno what to use, sign up for my next round of Kids Oil Project so I can get you on the mailing list)

I gave him a bath, but when he got out there was still residual mud on him. So I got my trusty coconut oil and lemon oil out and gave him another wipe down. 
Voila, clean!
Well, until he's back in the mud pit again in about 15 minutes. 
What are you waiting for moms? ?
This is why you need Lemon Essential Oil momma, trust me.



Why Every Mom Should Travel + (For Business & Spirit)

It’s no small wonder that most moms find themselves in a daily routine that orbits around a household, a career, her relationships, and her children. Daily to-do’s were something I expected when I started having kids, even more so I knew that my ability to go here and there might waver. It wasn’t until I started working for myself that I came to see that I was stuck in a 30 mile radius. Home, grocery stores, the ball field, and if I was lucky- Target.

I didn’t necessarily travel a lot prior to having kids, but it was a big part of my life that I chose to go somewhere new as often as I could manage. Before kids, I went to new places simply because I wanted to go. I got to thinking recently how much that aspect of my life has changed, and why.

There’s this crazy notion that women should immediately anchor themselves to one spot the minute they have babies. While on our honeymoon in Mexico, I sat admiring a husband and wife with their two small toddlers. I said to her (naively), “Isn’t it hard to travel with your kids like this?” Her kind eyes lit up and she said, “Don’t be silly, have baby will travel.” I quickly forgot her family motto. For years I made excuse after excuse why I couldn’t go here or there or anywhere. And like a lot of other moms, I got to scrolling on the Instagram and was finding more and more families like The Bucket List Family, and thought “Why can’t I do more of that?”

Now I’m 3 kids deep. Like real deep, y’all. That sweet strangers words resonate through my tired mom body any time I think I shouldn’t go somewhere that is more than 30 minutes from home. I started asking myself, “Okay, what’s your damn deal? Why don’t you wanna take adventures?” I got real with myself about the limitations I felt to be an issue. Not enough money. Not enough time. No childcare. I can’t go alone, nope. I have to work, and can’t get the time off. Oh, and don’t forget I’ll miss the kids.

Full stop. Are you also creating this narrative in your life too? If you are, I want you to know that every mom should travel for business and spirit. What does travel do for us women and moms? Well first of all it gives us a moment to see that the overwhelm and crazy might not be as bad as we thought it was. Or even the opposite, we go to a new destination and see how overwhelming life was at home and how much the time away is so needed. This past weekend I went to the beautiful Oregon coast for 7 hours for a business training. The sun was glorious and being close to the water gave me an intense feeling of calmness. If 7 hours gave me that feeling, what would the occasional “trip” do for me as a whole?

When traveling for business, you are able to invest in self development in a new place. When traveling for your spirit, you are able to fill your metaphorical cup that you are constantly pouring from. There is something critical I didn’t learn until recently and I’d be greatly remised if I didn’t tell you- You’re a mom now, but you still gotta get out there. This year I have committed to going on 12 hikes in places I’ve never hiked before. Boom. I won’t be hiking in Peru sadly, but that doesn’t negate the fact that I’m traveling to a space that will wake part of me back up.

Have you ever wondered How to get your wanderlust back? Sign up for my free checklist to find out how!

They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. I argue that the courage to do it makes you wealthy in spirit and heart.

They say that travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. I argue that the courage to do it makes you wealthy in spirit and heart.



10 Things Every Mother Should do before 9 AM

Know this about me: I don’t like to do anything when someone tells me that I “should” do anything. My inner child gets all kinds of petulant and runs away with her fingers in her ears and yells, “You can’t make me.”

Maybe you had ideas about what you would/should do once you become a mother. In my brain I thought for certain there would be all kinds of things I should do.

Like maybe I “should” always do arts and crafts with my kids, because popsicle sticks are the gateway to a completely happy childhood. Your friend Karen has an Instagram that says so. #popsiclestickscreatehappiness

Maybe you think that every Friday will be homemade cookie day. When your kids come home from school they arrive to freshly baked cookies.

Now that I’ve been in this mom game for almost 9 years I came up with a new list of things every mother “should” do before 9 am. It’s more realistic.

1.) Make cookies when you feel like it. Breakfast cookies are totally a thing. While you’re at it, buy pre-made cookie dough, or heck cookies that are already made. No need to designate a day or time to indulge. #cookiesfordays

2.) Holler till they hear ya. Hollering is far different than yelling. Hollering is more of a way for this momma to get my crazed cookie filled kids attention. I save my “yells” for keeping them out of danger. A good holler before 6 am (because that’s when they’re up, and like to fight) can align the day. #hollerifyahearme

3.) Do a lot of exhaling. Maybe you call it sighing, or merely exasperated breathing…or if you want to get Instagram fancy you can say you’re practicing your Yoga Breathing. Kids illicit a lot of this breath work. So get your breaths in momma! #momspose

4.) Cardio & weights. Putting a toddler in a car seat for the third time is the best resistance training you could ever get. Folding fitted sheets is a sure guarantee to pump that heart rate up into a cardio zone. #fittedsheets #toddlerseats

5.) Meditate. Or put your ear buds in and act like you can’t hear the kids. #ommm

6.) You should run down the street to capture the dogs that got out again. With no bra on. In your pajamas. Because the neighbors love seeing you in your natural element. #dogpound

7.) Reading before the day starts is a good way to get some quality “me time” in. Just be forewarned you will be reading school newsletters about Lice going around school, and last minute reading logs. #sorryStephenKing

8.) Crank the music loud! Baby Shark might make your ears bleed, but Mommy Shark needs happy kids! #doodoodoo

9.)You should get some sun & Vitamin D on your face immediately. But the fridge light is a pretty good replacement, because you’ll be packing lunches for 2 hours. #fridgelight

10.) You should make sure that you make your bed before you leave the house, and by make your bed you should just pull the comforter over that pee spot your kid left at 5 am. #itwilldry

What I’m trying to say is, do it however feels good to you. Because it’s gonna get crazy any ole way.

What I’m trying to say is, do it however feels good to you. Because it’s gonna get crazy any ole way.



Why is the Middle so Hard?

Most of my mom friends are in a place in their child rearing that I like to call the Middle Ages It goes without saying that a lot of parenting is hard. One might argue that on a day to day basis the variations of normal range from, “I got this,” to an exasperated, “We are definitely doing this all wrong.” It’s messy and complicated.

If you took High School History like me, you learned that the Middle Ages was a time of collapse and instability. There was chaos, and hunger ran rampant. Travel wasn’t safe and there were lots of illnesses. Fast forward to now: You’re in your mid thirties with 2-3 kids and all of what was true for the darkest period of time in history is now true for you as a parent. Spend a few hours with my kids on a Saturday morning and disorder will feel like 9,000 lego pieces strewn about the hallways. Clean the entire house, blink, then gasp in shock as it’s suddenly messier now than it was when you cleaned it the first time! Little kids are always hungry, and sadly they’re not satisfied with a piping hot bowl of gruel. Going places together as a family or with your kids is bound to end up with someone or all of you in tears. Moms joke that vacation is something you go on without your children, if your children are present it’s a trip The illness portion is also equally true. The sneezing, boogers, puking, ‘why is everything wet,’ of it all. Ask any mom with kids under age 7 about the general health level of their household. She’ll likely say something cheeky like, “Oh this one and that one have the plague.”

I’m a mother of 3 kids, and with three kids there’s no way to get around the fact that there is a middle part of parenting. Navigating this middle part has taught me a lot about myself and the world I live in. I’ve learned that like the Middle Ages, some days with a 4 year old can feel really dark and nearly impossible. He is loud and he lets it be known that there is no governing body in our home as long as he is in it. Everything that works on the other two does not work on the middle guy. The cries for more food, more drink, more everything often come from him. He’s a crusader for our attention, our food, and the right to watch Paw Patrol whenever he sees fit. I’ve learned to be patient even when my body feels that is completely impossible.

The plagues and the constant state of feeling like there is never enough sleep, food, or money is similar to that of the Middle Ages. (I am using this Middle Ages metaphor lightly, i get that I’m really dealing with first world problems here.) What I mean to say is, the middle part of parenthood is hard and sometimes dark.

Breathe, darling. This is just a chapter. It's not your whole story..png

It can feel like you won’t ever come out of the middle of it all. But I’ve embraced that after the Dark Ages came the Renaissance period….a time of art, beauty, growth and uphill movement. A beauty often follows a dark period of time. Not all things in the middle are hard, take grilled cheese for example. Calling the middle part of parenting hard is fair, and it’s taught me that I am not a bad mom or person for calling it what it is. I don’t do myself or anyone else in this part of their lives a service.

Simply put, the Middle Ages of child rearing is a time of survival. Thriving may peek in once in awhile on your household, but it may also fade away just as quickly as it came. When those good parts come, savor them for what they are; an oxygen mask until you need to come back up for air. You will have nice things again. At some point your 4 year old will stop living off of 3 food items and insisting that only Dad can put him to bed. There is beauty coming and there is light, just hold on a little bit more, or throw fruit snacks at the kids until they’re quiet. Trust that parenting isn’t always very easy, but it won’t always be difficult either.

Can you Let Go?

Full transparency. That’s what I’m good at, for the most part. I thrive in the space of telling people my truth and what I see other women experience. The past two years were hard as shit. See, there’s that transparency. It follows me wherever I go. I gotta call it like it is. My life was hard as shit. But have you ever tried to let go, but just couldn’t?

I was hit with what I like to call the “Plagues of Motherhood.” Wait, what? Yea, I said it. There are moments that plague a mothers life. They are brutal at times. I see my own friends navigate through some of these plagues and I can’t help but feel like I want to get some emergency boats sent to them, so that the drowning can stop. Plague is a bit intense of a word, I know, but hang with me here.

Here’s how it went for me, and in no particular order.

Apparently this is pretty common among moms…..

Apparently this is pretty common among moms…..

I was being suffocated by many things. Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, Major depressive episodes, sadness, weight gain, you name it. I had this story reeling through my head that it had to be this hard. That for whatever reason it was my time to collapse. Fall apart and suffer. The narrative was killing me. In spite of therapy, head meds, and my oils….I still told myself that I was undeserving of a lot of the goodness in this life of mine.

I had this tiny epiphany one day when someone said to me, “When you say Yes to something, you’re also saying No to another thing.” That got me thinking about what am I holding onto that I need to let go of? What am I giving myself by holding onto the anger, and the immense mom guilt? I suppose in a lot of ways I was holding onto the idea that I don’t want more for myself. I would also argue that sometimes as moms it’s easier to stay in the hard place, than to go to the place which is better for us. Because let’s face it, getting from the hard place to the better place isn’t a dang cakewalk. It’s not linear. The path of letting go is harder than staying in the hard place! What kind of crazy is that? So in cliche fashion I started at the beginning of this year. With some radical acceptance and some verbal ass kicking from friends I did some inventory.

Okay, so my pants don’t fit. I have 3 kids, my body is different….Next!

I don’t cry all the time anymore, only when it really matters…like when my 4 year old tortures me …

I love my husband. Growth is tricky y’all….so we are working on that. Turns out Postpartum Depression can make you kinda hate everyone.

There is time for me. I chose not to see it. There’s money too. Maybe not as much as I’d like, but it’s there.

I only stay in bed if it’s necessary. Or if I’m hiding under my covers eating chocolate.

I yell a little. But anger isn’ t my go to emotion anymore.

I’m still touched out. If Ryan Gosling said,”Hey Girl!” I’d tell him to keep walking. Which really bums me out…but heck, baby steps.

Now, I’m holding onto my progress. A list of things to look forward to. Book reading and hikes on my own. The attempt to rediscover my physical strength that 3 babies might have robbed from me. I hold onto the letters I want to write and the new places I want to check out. It’s all there and I’ve decided to let go of society and it’s demands of bounce back. Instead I’m holding onto what I know to be true, that we as moms get to decide what feels right. For now it feels real good to let it go.

Are you Living Small?

I don’t want to start this post with a philosophical question. I really don’t.

But if the last year has taught me anything, it’s that I needed to live small so that I could begin to live big. Hang with me here. In January I decided that we (my family and I) were ready for a new house. You see, we had been living in our 1987 manufactured home for almost 12 years and it was starting to become incredibly evident that the house was falling down around us.

No really- the bathroom floor collapsed early in the year.  It collapsed when all 5 of us had the stomach flu…for multiple days. Can you tell that the Universe was shooting flares into the sky for me?

The floor collapsing. All 5 of us camped out in the master bedroom. I know the moms out there know this kind of sick.

But it was this moment in time that made me realize we needed to do something, and fast. 

It was during this time that I knew that we were not living the big life we had always dreamed of. One where we really enjoyed the walls around us. We were living small.

Fast forward to today, the 5 of us and our sweet dog are living in my parents 5th wheel. We made the leap, albeit one based on faith in the Universe, to buy a home and get rid of the old one. The leap left us living in the 5th wheel while the new house is on back order. You can imagine that living quarters are tight, and that the whole place sways when someone walks through it. 

Living in the 5th wheel has taught me some really important lessons about how even though our old house was big and spacious, we were living a small life. The kind of life where we thought we needed to stay stuck. Stuck in a house that was not serving us or our health. So small in fact, I believed that we could not possibly ever get a new home because in all honesty how would we afford it?

That’s the thing- I truly thought that the house that was falling down around us was something that I deserved. That it was my own fault. Perhaps maybe I could have done better, or tried harder to make more money so that a better house could be ours. What a small way to think.

But I was so wrong you guys. So wrong. 

All I really needed to do was believe that I was inherently worthy of something so much better, and from there I needed to take massive action. Now that we are living in the 5th wheel in a literal small space with less things to focus on, I can actively see how to live Big. I can see that I don’t need as many day  to day things to functions. Less really has become more in our little world. Simplifying our daily needs has left room for bigger living. It has given me more time to create for my business. Living this way has shown my little ones that sometimes you gotta go through the muck before you get rinsed off by the storm. Above all else, this whole idea of living bigger has reminded me that nothing is permanent. Living in a small space is not our destiny, it’s not even our forever even if it feels like it right now. In order to get to the place where we are living our biggest life, humility was slapped right into our laps with the question- What do you really think you are made of? Are you willing to stop living small? You see, once I made that one choice to find a way  to get a  new house big things happened. Suddenly we became super clever with how we would get this house, how we would pay for it, and we knew that it was the path that we needed to go down.

If living in a rundown old house for almost 12 years hasn’t taught me that I get to choose what my big beautiful life could really be, then living in a 5th wheel surely will. Life gets messy sometimes, and so do I. But it is in these moments that I am reminded that I get to choose my life every single day. 




Teething Babies + Tired Parents + Essential Oils

Teething Babies + Tired Parents + Essential Oils

Essential oils make it so easy to get through this hard part of having a baby you guys, it’s not even funny.  I’m going to share the top 4 oils that I use to support the discomfort babies experience when they are teething. I’m also going to share the top 4 oils you as the tired parent can use to keep yourself feeling a bit more awake & patient.