This is your birth.

Birth is one of the most primal moments for everyone, whether you choose to have a child or not, you were in fact at some point born. This intricate process left an impact on you literally from the moment you entered the world, as it does when your child enters this world. Pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum can be chalked up to the following; Beautiful, messy, surprising and full of emotion.

As a Doula, Cre’shea works within a collective of other doulas to bring you unbiased, non-judgemental support while you go through this passage of your life. She believes that all birth whether it be in your home or hospital, with OB or Midwife, vaginal or Caesarean is natural. That’s the beauty of having a baby, it’s your vision for what it may look like.

It was from her own experience with her first birth that she realized her new role in life was to support fellow women in this life changing process. It was a natural fit and continues to be a work that she thrives in mind, body and soul.

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