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Laughter is the best medicine in my opinion! But a very close second is plant medicine.

Essential oils are powerful gifts from the earth. They are so amazing, even sometimes I am shocked at their qualities and the many benefits they bring to my family’s well-being!

Essential oils are purely extracted and distilled from plants, roots, bark, stems, leaves and seeds. They are the plant’s defense mechanism—so when the plant is trampled or damaged, the oils repair and revitalize it. This is how essential oils work in our bodies, too.

Think about your kids when they ride their bikes, we outfit them with a helmet right? These oils offer another level of protection for your family’s healthcare needs.

Why are oils so powerful? Think about your sense of smell and how it connects to the rest of your body emotionally, mentally and physically. The smell of rain in the desert can take someone back to a positive memory in seconds. Fresh cookies in the oven can give a person the overwhelming feeling of love and comfort. Your sense of smell is a powerful tool for creating positive transformation in your life and the oils support this completely.

Are you intrigued and open to learning more about how to use essential oils in your daily life?